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For several years this was the website of TKSH Films, a production collective of directors who collaborated and focused on both commercial and independent projects. TKSH Films was a project created by Adolfo Bueno and Juan Sebastián Vásquez. They were later joined by Arturo Tortolero and Alejandro Rojas.

The new owners of this domain have chosen to keep an edited version of the original content and direct visitors to the directors own websites or link in pages.
Content is from the site's archived pages, as well as from other outside sources.


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TKSH Films is a production collective of directors that collaborates and focuses on both commercial and independent projects.

TKSH Films develops all creative process stages: concept board, pre-production, filming and post-production phases
using a variety of techniques and genres that range from film, high-definition video, digital animation, stop-motion and photography.

¨TKSH!¨ emulates the click sound of an analog camera taking a picture. 
What we do is our written and visual interpretation of both shutter and aperture actions, and we enjoy the surprise of the outcome.

We create a wide range of moving images that can file under music videos, visuals, promos, ads, shorts, documentaries, corporate, 
series, campaigns, fashion films, interviews and event coverages.

We brainstorm, write, prepare, shoot and edit and are adaptable to any camera equipment and software post-production needs.

We create bespoke videos for clients and take care of the most ultimate detail.

All four of us are based in sunny Barcelona, Spain. We are able to travel anywhere and film on-site and we can also work virtually.

In any case, we‘ll have fun while doing it!






Adolfo Bueno is a director, art director, stop-motion animator, guitarist and audio engineer. 
He is capable of building entire sets out of his hands, always experimenting with new types of animation, 
art installations, handcrafted mechanisms, domino effects and any other unexpected idea that pops out of his head.

In the last five years, he founded and directed TKSH, an experimental video production company that gave rise to numerous moving images presented in music videos, visuals, promotions, commercials, shorts, documentaries, corporate series, fashion campaigns, films, interviews and event coverage, both in commercial and independent projects

I define myself as a visual story builder, strongly committed in creating visual metaphors for individuals/companies seeking lasting differentiation, when giving life to their ideas.

On this scope I work as a director on mixed media driven filmmaking, feeding the process by continuous experimentation in animation, art installations, handcrafted mechanisms/effects, games, audio and interactivity.

Over the past five years, I’ve luckily had the chance to found and direct TKSH Films, an experimental video production company that gave birth to numerous moving images filed under music videos, visuals, promos, ads, shorts, documentaries, corporate series, campaigns, fashion films, interviews and event coverage, in both commercial and independent projects. Nowadays, I`m starting this new adventure as an independent director, bringing lessons learnt.

I am based in sunny Barcelona, Spain, ready to travel anywhere and film on-site.


Alejandro Rojas is a director and editor, and interviews acclaimed and emerging film talent at internationals film festivals.
Having been a writer/producer for HBO Latin America for twelve years, he’s gone on to freelance for European outlets while also crafting shorts, documentaries, music videos and visuals.

Juan Sebastián Vásquez is a director and a DOP who chases the light while having a good time.
He’s shot ads, shorts, documentaries and features, and for over five years he was a copy-producer  for HBO Latin America On-Air for which he directed campaigns and promos.

Arturo Tortolero is a director and editor and curates the best music playlists you can imagine.
He’s been doing music videos, visuals and experimentals. He also brews his own beer at home.

Born in Venezuela where rum distilleries are the rule, our editor Arturo developed a curiosity for beer. “My trips started to become research trips for learning more about beer and trying as much as I could. Those trips brought me to Barcelona where I currently live, attracted by the rising craft beer scene in the city. I also love brewing beer at home and making movies. Some friends and I started up TKSH Films, a polivalent studio.”





Displayed projects on our website include TKSH's produced content as well as our directors' own ventures.

Some clients our directors have worked with include:
Sónar Festival, Red Bull Music Academy, Primavera Sound, HBO/Cinemax Latin America, Prime On-Air/Motionmakers, Levi’s, Twin, IKEA, Bonus Sports Marketing and Grifone.


Recordatorio - "Hormiga" (Video Oficial)
Dirección: Adolfo Bueno / Co-Dirección: Alejandro Rojas


3 One Trip Around The World
video: TKSH Films: Adolfo Bueno, Arturo Tortolero y Juan Sebastián Vasquez


ANGRY BEARD from TKSH Films on Vimeo.
Directed by: Adolfo Bueno / Cinematographer: Juan Sebastian Vasquez


Directed by: Adolfo Bueno, Alejandro Rojas, Arturo Tortolero, Juan Sebastian Vasquez / Produced by: TKSH Films

Noko Woi means “to listen around” in Warao, a Venezuelan native language, and it sounds like a tree with roots made of percussion and bass grooves, a trunk of synths and branches with guitar strings covered by soft green leaves of voice.

AN UPDATE: I recently was introduced to the music of indie band Noko Woi when I was in Barcelona this past summer. I had a great 8 weeks exploring Barcelona and the surrounding area, where the vibe was as refreshing as diving into a pool cleaned by the latest robotic pool cleaners—efficient and surprisingly profound. It's an odd comparison, I know, but just like those automated gadgets that keep the waters pristine, Noko Woi's music has a way of cleansing the soul with its melodies. I’m still organizing all the pics I took. My girlfriend has commented that I look like a celebrity in a lot of the pics because of the aviator sunglasses I am wearing. She said it's because they're the most fashionable look available. That really cracks me up. If aviator sunglasses bestow a celebrity status upon the person wearing them, I tell her, half the guys in Barcelona would qualify! What I really want to talk about is Noko Woi and the lead singer, Salvador Sobral. What an extraordinary artist.

The band was born in 2014 as a project by the keyboardist / producer Leo Aldrey where they performed on various stages in Barcelona at such events as the Sónar Festival, Sala Apolo, Sala Barts and others. If you are unfamiliar with Salvador Sobral, he was the winner of Eurovision 2017 for Portugal with the song "Amar pelos dois", written and composed by his sister Luísa Sobral.

In fact Noko Woi’s debut performance was at the most international music festival of Barcelona, the SÓNAR in 2014 where accompanied with some impressive visual content produced especially for each track, they played their self-titled first album which had been recorded and mixed at Leo’s own studio and mastered at the Red Bull Music Academy studios in London. Jump ahead to 2019. Noko Woi hasjust finished recording their second album, Poke the Eye. I sure would love to be in in Barcelona on November 8 at La Nau (PobleNou) when they are to perform the album's entirety at a special function. Their sound, doesn’t sound like anything else. Check out this bad and keep up to date by visitng their facebook page.


Opening Titles for the 3rd edition of La Guarimba International Film Festival in Amantea, Italy.
Produced by: TKSH Films


HELPERT + SOLER 2. Mexico Heart
video: TKSH Films: Adolfo Bueno, Arturo Tortolero y Juan Sebastián Vasquez






Our studio is based in Barcelona, Spain.
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